AI tools and apps list 2023 fueled by ChatGPT

AI tools and apps list 2023 fueled by ChatGPT

Everybody jumps on the ChatGPT story. Folks are developing, working, creating their own app, their own product on top of it.

The difficult thing in this whole AI story, is that what´s new today, is obsolete tomorrow. What is a new product today, has competition by 100 others tomorrow.

I want to keep track of it a bit, and try to experiment with some of them that seem useful for my own business (automation).

Thats why i created a list of the tools and apps I notice and see pass by. I will add stuff on the go, so in that sense its a never ending list if AI tools fueled by ChatGPT.

Click on the tweet below to check out the ongoing and evolving list.

Also interesting is the thread on Twitter by somebody who took a deep dive into ChatGPT´s API code, and found a host of plugings in the code:

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