Automating your routine tasks

Automating your routine tasks

Automating routine tasks COMBINED, just saves you time. Also in your private not so business life. Practical example: automatically uploading a file to google drive, create a folder, upload the file, when an email arrives using Zapier

1 - I use @zapier. Email comes in. I set the trigger event on ´new attachment´. So whenever an email comes in with an attachment, zapier locates it.

2 - I use a search string (search operator) to filter the attachment. From Amy? Use from: amy. Certain subject line? All possible to define. Certain label? all good. Here´s the full list:…

3 . - Then, in this case, I want to create a folder. So,  as the next step in my Zap, I create a folder in Google drive (op dropbox, or any other place). But, you can also choose an existing folder.

4.  - As the next step,  I upload the file to the created or existing folder. Done. Nothing to download, nothing to do, your file, on your drive, in your folder, all on auto-pilot. When you are asleep, on the beach, at your (girl)friend, or working on other stuff.

You see. Automation can be easy peasy. It seems little time saving, but if you automate all these routine tasks, it saves you massive time.